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BT Gives Up Search For Openreach Joint Venture Partner

BT Gives Up Search For Openreach Joint Venture Partner BT’s new billionaire investor has backed the company’s decision to go it alone on building full-fibre broadband. It also needs more engineers to build its network. Ofcom has promised not to introduce any price controls for full-fibre networks for at least 11 years. And BT isContinue reading “BT Gives Up Search For Openreach Joint Venture Partner”


How to Raise Funds Through Education Crowdfunding

How to Raise Funds Through Education Crowdfunding To raise funds for education, you may consider raising the funds through crowdfunding. This is a great way to solicit support from friends and family, who understand the needs of a student and may be willing to contribute. It can be stressful to ask for help from lovedContinue reading “How to Raise Funds Through Education Crowdfunding”

CISOs Must Now Reach Out to the Board to Secure the Budget for Cyber Security

CISOs Must Now Reach Out to the Board to Secure the Budget for Cyber Security According to a recent study by GISS, CISOs need to reach out to the board to secure the budget for cyber security. However, pitching on compliance and regulatory grounds is not enough. Boards have begun to recognize cybersecurity as aContinue reading “CISOs Must Now Reach Out to the Board to Secure the Budget for Cyber Security”

Implementation of Strategic Cost Management

Implementation of Strategic Cost Management In order to achieve strategic cost management, organizations must first identify the key supply chains. Then, they should plan for the implementation of strategic cost management. This requires the organization to create a comprehensive plan for the different components of the supply chain. Implementation includes Process-mapping and Results-based budgeting. CostContinue reading “Implementation of Strategic Cost Management”

Energy Horror in the UK Due to Boiler Shortage

Energy Horror in the UK Due to Boiler Shortage The UK is experiencing a crisis in energy supplies, as the country faces a shortage of temporary boilers. Demand from overseas is pushing up prices, which is affecting build programs and supply chains. Businesses will also feel the pinch from rising gas and electricity prices. UnlikeContinue reading “Energy Horror in the UK Due to Boiler Shortage”

Hotel Market in a Post-COVID World

The hotel market has changed a lot since COVID. There are a lot of new competitors, such as vacation rentals. Those are not as competitive as hotels, but they can recover faster than other hotel brands. Insufficient service staff has also been a big problem in many hotels. Luxury hotels need 1.5 times higher occupancyContinue reading “Hotel Market in a Post-COVID World”

Intra State Vs Interstate

Intra State Vs Interstate In a legal context, the terms intra state and interstate refer to businesses that do business within a state’s borders. Intrastate business can be done by out-of-state companies, but they must obtain a certificate of authority to do so before they can do business in that state. They will also beContinue reading “Intra State Vs Interstate”

How To Buy An S&P 500 Index Fund

If you are looking for a simple way to invest in the stock market, you may be wondering how to buy an S&P 500 index fund. This market-capitalization-weighted index is a good choice for investors because of its diversification benefits. You can avoid the hassle and uncertainty of picking individual stocks and focus on buildingContinue reading “How To Buy An S&P 500 Index Fund”

The Importance of Using IP Geolocation on Your Business

The Importance of Using IP Geolocation on Your Business IP geolocation is a powerful tool that can be used to find out where attackers are located and protect sensitive data. However, it isn’t 100% accurate. If you’re a business owner, you need to be aware of the risks and limitations of IP geolocation. Internet serviceContinue reading “The Importance of Using IP Geolocation on Your Business”

How to Play an NFL Strategy Game

How to Play an NFL Strategy Game If you are a football fan, you may want to play an NFL strategy game. Football strategy games can be very challenging and exciting. In these games, players compete for glory on the gridiron by reading their opponent, selecting plays, and directing blockers. The winner is determined byContinue reading “How to Play an NFL Strategy Game”